Component Engineering in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Create the parts you require with our wide range of component engineering. Based in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, we specialise in a wide range of engineering services using cutting edge CNC machines. Whether it's a drawing or a component, our skilled engineers are able to provide you with the perfect parts.


Our Process

When we create parts we'll always start with a piece of material. Before we load it onto the machine, we'll clean it and if we're using milling machines we remove the sharp edges. Our aim is to try and attract more people to use machining work. We're also able to deliver your component with a variety of finishing touches, such as paint, sprayed, anodised, shot blasted, and bead blasted.


The Finishing Touch

Once the product has been through our machine it needs a form of protection over it. If the component is aluminium it will corrode without a protective layer, so we offer painted, sprayed, or anodised finishes. We also offer bead and shot blasting services as part of a whole CNC package. We understand our clients want their products delivered completely finished, so cater to these needs.


Satisfy the Customers Needs

Some of our customers collect their products from us; however, we are able to deliver directly to you. As with most machine shops we work to International standards, so you can be assured of the best quality at all times. If you need advice our engineers are able to assist you. We're well connected in this line of work, so if your part requires bigger machines we're able to source them for you. We offer a personalised service tailored to your requirements and needs. We also offer big discounts on large orders.

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